will we remember this moment?


My grandfather is 90 years old. In the past 10 years he has experienced lots of “firsts.” He weathers them all well.  And he remembers them all.  He voted for the first Black man elected President of the United States. He traveled Alaska by cruise ship a lifelong dream. And yesterday, a beautiful summer day, he survived his first earthquake; tremors he could feel. He was shook up a bit  – literally. The ceiling fans wobbled and clanged. The phones were out. Startled, he questioned, like most of us, was that what I think it was? Did the earth just move?

Yes, Big Pop! The earth moved!

Living on the East Coast, he never imagined experiencing an earthquake. But he did, And he survived to tell about it!

Some things we will only experience once in our life time:  a trip; a natural disaster; an amazing love; or a glimpse of God in such a personal, visceral way His presence is undeniable.  Some things we cannot plan; they come from on High and we get no say in the matter, like the earthquake. But some of those things we can plan or pursue!

Think about the once in a lifetime things we can PLAN and PURSUE…  What can you plan and pursue today that will rock your world in the future? That will shake things up in your life?

I believe if we ponder, dig deep in our hearts, and honestly answer that question, we will be on our way to living a more fulfilled life – a life accentuated with moments that leave us speechless and breathless. 

With God’s grace and help, I am planning and pursuing the best version of me – in every way. This pursuit brings me joy and frankly shakes me up a bit.  What about you?  Oh, please tell me what can you plan or purse to live a more fulfilled life?  


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